One of the core cultural components of KIPP King is our advisory system that we call Prides. Prides are groups of students led by a teacher that stick with them for all four years of their attendance here at KIPP King. Through the four years, students may not change prides, but shall the teacher leave, some prides get broken up or they get transferred to a new teacher, depending on their grade level

Freshmen (First Years) Edit

Students get to know their prides and their pride leaders during Freshman Orientation. Prides are actually the first thing the students are introduced to when they get on campus, before their classes even. They learn to bond with their pride members as well as their pride leaders.

Students are introduced to a lot of new concepts that they were not aware of in their middle schools, such as a team the can depend on in any situation.

Prides are supposed to be designed to be a student's best resource and kindest sanctuary at any point of their High School life.

Because the students just got to KKC, This is their most important year when it is comes to building a relationship with these amazing kids. You will very quickly grow to love them, if you haven't already, and surely enough, they will grow to love you, but their Freshman Year is the most vital year when it comes to prides, since it is the foundation of your relationship with them.

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Here are different resources to help you get stared and get going with you pride.

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